In this tutorial we will teach you how to create a Bot account on the Discord website. Once you have created a bot, you will be able to use the EQR Discord Bot application.

You must first have a Discord account at If you already have a Discord account you may proceed using it. Please note that when you create a Bot with your Discord account, the Bots username, or identity, will be different than your Discord username. The Bot is treated as it's own "account". This means you can have multiple Bots under the same Discord account, all while also using your Discord account as your personal Discord user account.

Once you have a Discord account and are logged in, head to Your screen should look similar to the screen below, but since I already have some bots set up they are showing up here, while yours will be blank. Click on the "New Application" button, as circled in red:

A box will display asking you to name your Bot. The name you enter is the name the Bot will appear as in your Discord server. For my example, I'm going to name it "Guild Chat Bot". Enter your desired name and click "Create".

At this point you should be at a page that has your bots Client ID and Client secret. I would recommend taking a moment and creating a new text document on your desktop or somewhere safe to store this Client ID, as you WILL need it later.

Now that you have this key piece of information safe, Click on the "Bot" menu option on the left side of the screen, as shown circled in red below:

On this screen, click the "Add Bot" button, as shown circled in red below:

Click "Yes, do it!" on the confirmation box, as shown circled in red below:

You will now be at a page that has another key piece of information - your Bot Token. Please take a moment to copy your Token to the text file you made earlier. You should NEVER give anyone your Bots Token. With your Token, someone else could take control of your Bot!
If you are creating the bot on the same account that has administrator privs on your Discord server, you may want to turn off the "Public Bot" setting. With the option turned off, no one else will be able to invite your Bot to other Discord servers. PLEASE NOTE that if you do NOT have administrative privs to the Discord server you want your bot in, you will have to leave this option turned ON until after your Discord bot has been invited to and has joined the Discord server. You can always come back to this developer panel to turn on or off this setting later.

If you turn the Public Bot setting off, a confirmation will slide up from the bottom of the screen, click the "Save Changes" button as shown circled in red below:

Next, you need to get your Bot invited to your desired Discord server. This will have to be done while logged into an account with administrator privs for your desired Discord server. Alternatively, you can send your invitation link to a user with administrator privs and they will be able to add your Bot to the server. To get your invitation link, take the following URL and replace the "XXXXXX" with your Bots Client ID (this was the first set of numbers you placed in your text file).

If your account has administrator privs for your Discord server, you can copy and paste your invitation url into your browser. Otherwise, you can send the invitation url to a user with administrator privs. Once the invitation url is navigated to, the user should select the Discord server they wish to invite the bot to from the drop down menu, then click the Authorize button, as shown circled in red below:

Congrats, your Bot is now part of your Discord server! It should show up in the members list (it will be offline until you run the EQR Discord Bot application and bring it online). If you don't see the Bot in the user list, ensure the Discord server administrator has given the bot account proper permissions.