1. Overview
    1.1 Initial Setup 2. Functionality
    2.1 View Hotbutton
    2.2 Delete Hotbutton
    2.3 Create Hotbutton
        2.2.1 Fake Link Types
3. Backups

1. Overview
    This software allows you to create Social Hotbuttons that have "Fake Links" in the EverQuest game. The links can be Items, Spells, Achievements, and/or Faction links. The links created are fully functional links!

1.1 Initial Setup
To get started, you must select the location of your EverQuest directory. Go to Settings > EQ Directory. Now navigate to and select your EverQuest directory.

2. Functionality
    Once your EverQuest Directory has been set, the application will automatically populate a list of your characters. In the Character list, select the character you wish to view Hotbuttons for. Next, select which Socials Hotbuttons page you wish to view. The "Button Number" list will populate and will display the name of the existing Hotbutton on the page/button if once already exists. If a Hotbutton doesn't already exist, it will display as "*EMPTY*". Only Empty Hotbuttons can be used to create Fake Link Hotbuttons.

2.1 View Hotbutton
To see the details of a Hotbutton, including every Hotbutton line entry, select a Hotbutton in the "Button Number" list, and press the "View Hot Button" button.

2.2 Delete Hot Button
    To delete a Hotbutton, select a Hotbutton in the "Button Number" list, and press the "Delete Hot Button" button. Please note that this cannot be undone, but the program does create a backup copy of your UI file before deleting the Hotbutton.

2.3 Create HotButton
    Once you have decided the location (Page and Button Number) you wish to create your new Hotbutton at, select the Page and Button Number in their respective lists, and click the "Create Fake Link Hot Button" button.

At this point the bottom part of the application will become active.

Button Name: This will be the text that displays on the Hotbutton in game - this is how you identify what the button does.
Line 1, Line 2, etc: These boxes are where you type the text you want your Hotbuttons to include. Example: If I want to create text that says "Clicking my Epic" and goes to group chat, and I want the word "Epic" to be an item link to my Berserker Epic 2.0, I would type "/g Clicking my Epic!" in the Line 1 Box.
Make Highlighted Text A Link: Continuing with our example above, I would highlight "Epic" in the text box, and click the "Make Highlighted Text A Link" button. At this point a dialog box will appear asking which type of link you wish to create. The different types of links are covered later on.
Reset Text: If you change your mind, or made a mistake, click the "Reset Text" button to clear the corresponding line Text Box and make it active again.
Finalize Button: When you are completely happy with your new Hotbutton, clicking the "Finalize Button" button will write the code for the new Hotbutton to your character file. Please Note: You must be completely logged out and your EverQuest application must be completely closed for this to work!

2.3.1 Fake Link Types
    There are three types of Fake Links you can create:

Item Links: Choose from a limited number of items, such as class Epics.
Spell Links: Choose from any Spell in the game!
Faction Links: Choose from any Faction that's tracked in the Faction window in game!
Achievement Links: Choose from any Achievement in the game, and customize it any way you like! You can choose which steps show as completed, the date and time of completion, the character name, etc!

2.3.2 Creating A Trigger
    To create a trigger, the user must first navigate to the Triggers Tab of the application. From here, the user may set the parameters, or requirements, for the circumanstances they wish to be alerted about. The user should first select their desired EverQuest server from the "Server" drop down menu. Next, they should choose the "Status From" option desired from the Status From drop down menu.

2.3.3 Deleting A Trigger
To delete a trigger, the user must first navigate to the Triggers Tab of the application. At the bottom of this tab there is a large white box labeled "My Triggers". This box contains a list of all the triggers that the user currently has active. To delete or remove a trigger, simply click on the triggers text, then press the "Remove Selected Trigger" button directly above and to the right of the "My Triggers" box.

2.4 Logs Tab
    The logs tab has two sections. General logs, and Error logs. In the general logs section you will find information related to statuses being updated, and settings being changed. If everything goes well you should never have any information display in the Error logs. If you do, please include it when reporting issues relating to the software to EQResource Admin.

2.5 Alerts Window
    The Alerts Window is a window that only shows up when one or more of your active triggers gets activated from a Server Status update. Each time a trigger or multiple triggers are activated, a new Alert Window will appear. The alert window displays which trigger was activated, what time the activation occured, and the Trigger Type. If the EQ Server Status application is minimized or in the background, the alert window will not be visible - but will flash on the taskbar to alert the user of activated triggers.

3. Backups
    Any time a Hotbutton is created or deleted, the application will first create a backup of your character file. These backups are stored in a folder inside your EverQuest directory titled "Fake Link Backups". These backups are dated and stored here indefintely. If a backup fails to be created, the application will NOT continue with deleting or creating your Hotbutton.