Here you will find software related to the EverQuest game, written and maintained by the EQResource Admin Team!

EverQuest Server Status
Quick Description: This software allows you to monitor the status of the EverQuest servers over time, and allows you to set up custom alerts to let you know when a server, or multiple servers, change from one status to another. This is a great application to run in the background on patch day, to be alerted when the servers unlock for players to log in.

EverQuest Fake Link Generator
Quick Description: This software allows you to create "Fake Link" hotkeys quickly and easily, without ever needing to modify your own UI files! The program supports Item Links, Achievement Links, Spell Links, and Faction links. The links created are 100% working, clickable links!

Multi Character Inventory Manager
Quick Description: MCIM helps players keep track of and organize their inventory and items across multiple characters and multiple accounts. It supports player inventory, bank, equipped items and player real estate. MCIM allows players to view all of their characters items across all accounts in one window with sorting options. It allows players to search for items from all characters, or search with filters such as items on a specific character, or even a specific account.

Secret Beta Software!
Quick Description: This software is still in Beta testing. Please kindly consider becoming a Premium Member to get a sneak peek!